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We offer private consultation specialising in:

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Caer Plastic Surgery

About Caer Plastic Surgery

Supporting your individual choices in plastic surgery in Glasgow and Ayrshire

CAER Plastic Surgery offers state of the art Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery in Scotland. Specialists you can talk to, treatment you can trust.

Under the specialist care of the principal consultant Margaret Strick, you can be assured of outstanding attention. Skilled surgery is combined with care in understanding of your needs and concerns as a patient.

cosmetic aesthetic reconstructive plastic surgery

We offer private consultation specialising in:

  • Cosmetic surgery (including facial skin contouring, breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty)
  • Non-surgical aesthetic treatment (including Fillers, chemical peels, muscle relaxants, eg. Botox, skin-care recommendations)
  • Reconstructive surgery (including hand surgery, skin cancers, breast reconstruction)
  • Physiotherapy (particularly rehabilitation for reconstructive surgery patients)

CAER is a team of highly skilled medical professionals, working together to find the right treatment for you. We are committed to ensuring your concerns are understood and your treatment is appropriate and to the highest medical, ethical and aesthetic standards.

The team offers the following core areas of expertise – Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Consultant Anaesthetist, Cosmetic Doctor, Chartered Physiotherapist. All members of the CAER team are registered professionals of the General Medical Council of Great Britain, with extensive medical experience in their field through commitment to patients on the NHS.

Working closely together the CAER team can ensure that you receive the right treatment. Located in the foremost private hospitals in Glasgow and Ayrshire, CAER draws on state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

From first consultation to last you are assured of excellence of CAER.

Caer plastic surgery team on Ayr beach