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Caer Plastic Surgery

The Legend of CAER

Whats in a name?

CAER is an acronym for Cosmetic Aesthetic Reconstructive Plastic surgery. As a name it perfectly covers all aspects of our work.

cosmetic aesthetic reconstructive surgery

Caer is also the name of a heroine in Celtic Mythology, a beautiful woman who transformed herself into a swan.

Here is her story:
Swan image for Caer plastic surgery

Celtic Angus caught a glimpse of Caer and was so taken by her charm and beauty that he fell deeply in love with her.

Such was the depth of his feeling he resolved to find her, no matter where his search took him. He searched without weakening his resolve.

A year or more had passed when he came to know that Caer was the daughter of Ethal. He found Ethal, professed his love for Caer, and begged Ethal for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

But Caer being a woman of independent thought had turned herself into a swan. Swans in Celtic Mythology are bearers of health and good fortune from the spirit world. Just their gentle song could bring healing.

Ethal explained to Angus he did not have power over his daughter in her swan form suggesting Angus wait till the end of summer and then go down to the waters edge of the great lake where the swans would gather in the Autumnal evening sunlight. He warned Angus he may not recognise Caer in her swan form.

Angus waited patiently till summer was nearing its end and then made the journey to the lakeside where he found one hundred and fifty swans or more gathering on the water.

Without hesitation he was drawn to the elegance and grace of one swan and he called out to her to tell her of his love. The beautiful creature was indeed Caer in her swan form. She entreated Angus to take on a swan form also. Such was his love for her that he did and they flew away together, rising from the water with powerful wings beating together, their harmony in song floating on the air bringing peace to all who heard it.

Once they had flown away, they took on human forms again and lived out all their days in mutual love and happiness.