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Caer Plastic Surgery

Especially for women

What do women need from a plastic surgeon?

CAER Cosmetic Surgery by women for women

At CAER our reputation is earned for surgical excellence, for understanding our patients’ needs and providing them with the best and most natural aesthetic results.

This is what all our patients deserve and expect. This is what makes our patients recommend us to their friends, whatever their cosmetic, aesthetic or reconstructive surgery need.

In addition CAER can offer our women patients the unique advantage of an all-woman practice. This is what transforms the process for many of our female patients and makes CAER unique.

breasts before mastopexy or breast uplift surgery mastopexy after surgery

Mastopexy or breast uplift

...As a woman, her personality, her understanding of what I was going through, her caring nature were all so important to me. BM

You have chosen to have plastic surgery, to change how you look, how you feel about yourself. It is a big decision, possibly one of the most significant decisions you can take about your body. It is vital that your surgeon understands how you feel about your body, and why you want to change it.

At CAER, cosmetic surgery for women is managed by women. You can talk to your surgeon with the utmost confidence not only in her exceptional experience as a surgeon but also her understanding as a woman. In theatre, you may have a female consultant anaesthetist if you wish.

If you should need non-surgical Aesthetic procedures, CAER can provide informed and confidential referrals to our Anaesthetic Doctors. CAER provides a continuum of non-surgical and surgical procedures enabling a seamless cosmetic service tailored to meet your individual needs.

Her ability as a woman to empathise with a female patient is immeasurable... CR