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Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment

Wrinkle relaxing injections or Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment in Glasgow and Ayrshire

Lines and wrinkles develop around the face over time and cause us to look older than we feel. Wrinkle relaxing injections are an approved and effective method of safely and temporarily smoothing frowns and furrows, to gently erase tell-tale signs of ageing and to restore a more refreshed, relaxed appearance.

At CAER we will set up a full consultation with our Aesthetic Doctor to discuss your concerns and fully assess the problem areas. CAER does not "sell" a particular brand of wrinkle relaxing injection; your Doctor will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs following your consultation.

What is Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment?

Wrinkle relaxing injections is the trade name given to the purified protein Botulinum Toxin type A. It is made synthetically from a non-animal source and was originally used to treat neurological disorders. The cosmetic effects were, like many advances in medicine, discovered quite by chance. Patients who had been treated for blepharospasm (an involuntary spasm of the muscle surrounding the eye) noticed how much less wrinkled and more awake they appeared after Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment for their disorder.

Consequently, Wrinkle relaxing injections has now become licensed to treat patients for cosmetic procedures, principally the reduction in facial lines, especially frown lines, “crow’s feet” and forehead lines. Botulinum toxin can also be used to treat excessive sweating in the armpits, forehead or hands as it also blocks the nerves that supply sweat glands.

Botox® is the registered trade name of one particular brand of botulinum toxin injection. There are a number of prescription only botulinum toxin products on the market and CAER Aesthetics is able to prescribe wrinkle relaxing treatments using the different approved commercial brands. We do not endorse any particular brand on this website, and the individual treatment plan will be developed for each patient following their consultation.

Why is Wrinkle relaxing injections becoming so popular?

The use of Wrinkle relaxing injections injections and dermal fillers is on the increase. Many people, who now use these treatments in their routine grooming / maintenance regime, were initially reticent to try them.

The reason lies in being able to see the difference they can make.

The purpose of wrinkle relaxing injections is not to look younger per se, but to look more refreshed and less stressed, angry and tired. No amount of detox, dieting or exercise will remove frown lines ingrained from years of concentrating.

The purpose of facial rejuvenation is to reflect what is felt inside and, with the resultant positive feedback, the improvement in appearance reinforces that feeling. You will feel better about the way you look and the effect of this on your day-to-day life can be enormous.

How does Wrinkle relaxing injections work?

How do Wrinkle relaxing injections treatments work?

As we get older, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases and, with repeated action of underlying muscles, wrinkles form. Wrinkle relaxing injections injections work by temporarily stopping transmission of the nerve impulses to these muscles by blocking the release of the chemical neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. This causes the injected muscle to relax which, in turn, stops the formation of new wrinkles, reduces current wrinkles and smoothes out older lines in the overlying skin.

The effect is temporary as, within a few months, the nerve recovers.

When administered by a skilled professional the Wrinkle relaxing injections is injected into a specific muscle or muscle group so there is very little risk of spread. The surrounding muscles function as normal allowing normal facial expression, just with fewer wrinkles.

When Wrinkle relaxing injections is administered into the muscle around the eyes, for example, those muscles cannot “scrunch up” as easily so the wrinkles in that area (crow’s feet) become much less obvious.

With regard to excessive sweating, Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment also blocks transmission of nerves that supply sweat glands. When these are targeted, sweating greatly diminishes and the effect can last up to a year.

Other uses of Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment

Wrinkle relaxing injections injections for Headaches or Migraines

Recently, Wrinkle relaxing injections injections have been used successfully in the treatment of migraines and also tension headaches. By relaxing the muscles commonly associated with these (namely the frontalis muscle in the forehead and trapezius muscle at the back of the neck) symptoms have been shown to improve.

Other uses of Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment: Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment also blocks transmission of nerves that supply sweat glands. When these are targeted, sweating greatly diminishes and the effect can last up to a year. See Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment of Hyperhydrosis.


Are wrinkle relaxing injections safe?

It is a natural response to assume there must be some risk with injecting a product derived from a toxin. In fact, Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment is given in such minute amounts that the risk is negligible. It has been used world-wide for over 20 years for aesthetic enhancement and, in the appropriate hands, has an excellent safety profile.

Side effects

What are the side effects of Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment?

The most common side effect is slight bruising at the injection site. This can be more obvious if the patient is taking aspirin or other anticoagulant (“blood thinning”) medications. The effect is temporary, however, and the bruises fade within a week.
Many people describe a “numb” feeling over the treated area even though the sensory nerves are actually unaffected. This sensation disappears after a week or two.

Sometimes, there can be slight spread to other muscle groups which can result in temporary ptosis (eyelid droop). The risk of this is diminished with practitioner expertise.

Headache may occur after treatment to the glabellar (frown) lines but this, too, passes.

Puffiness of the eyelids a day or two after treatment has been reported occasionally but this is temporary.

Lastly, infrequently, some patients may experience slight pain at the injection site which can last a week or two. This too resolves with time.

When it wears off

What will I look like when it wears off?

Gradually, the treated muscle recovers over a number of months and you will then look as you did before treatment.

How is Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment done?

How is the procedure carried out?

Firstly, your Doctor will discuss the areas you are concerned about and will explain the likely effect of Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment. At any stage you are encouraged to ask questions. You will then be given a fact sheet (about Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment) to read and a medical consent form to sign.

The Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment is given with you sitting back or lying down. The areas to be treated are first cleaned with a cleanser and specific points marked with white eye pencil. The Wrinkle relaxing injections is then injected into the target muscles. The needle used for the treatment is extremely fine and minor discomfort is usually all that is felt. Some people describe a mild stinging sensation which passes quickly.

All in all, the consultation will take about 30 minutes. After, you will be given an advice sheet to take home, and a follow up appointment, if you wish. If, after 2 weeks you are not entirely satisfied with the effect and need a “top up” dose of Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment, this is free of charge.

How long does it last?

How long does Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment last?

The effects can be seen sometimes as early as two hours after treatment. The usual range of onset is from 2 to 10 days. The effects can last up to 6 months.

There is no limit to the number of times you can have Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment.

Not just for women

Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment is not just for Women

Increasingly, men are becoming more aware of their appearance. Time and money is invested in the gym, on grooming and clothes. A Wrinkle relaxing injections treatment can complement this effort by helping to achieve a less stressed look. Wrinkle relaxing injections facial treatment can also engender a more “awake” look - looking tired is a common reason voiced by men concerned about their appearance. They want to look as good as they feel and facial rejuvenation is their choice.