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Breast surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Breast surgery

Cosmetic surgery of the breast in Ayrshire and Glasgow

Breast surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed today, whether for enlargement, reduction, lifting or symmetrising of the breasts. At CAER, breast surgery is a key specialty of your surgeon, Margaret Strick, who is highly experienced in the full range of breast surgery from nipple correction through to complex reconstructions involving flap-based microsurgery.

Mastopexy or breast uplift

Mastopexy or breast uplift


The breast uplift helps those women whose breasts have sagged and become empty as a natural part of ageing, or following weight-loss, or after childbearing. The mastopexy lifts and re-contours the breast into a more youthful shape and position. The nipples are usually repositioned, and depending on the shape and volume of the breasts and what the patient is hoping to achieve, mastopexy surgery can also include breast augmentation using implants.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)

breast reduction

A breast reduction can be a very positive procedure for women whose large breasts cause physical problems such as back, shoulder or neck pain, or issues such as low self-confidence. The surgery reduces excess breast tissue and provides a more youthful shape to the breast. The incision is made around the nipple, to the bottom of the breast and in the crease below the breast. The nipple is repositioned as part of the reshaping of the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement or boobjob

breast augmentation

The breast augmentation or “boobjob” is a popular cosmetic procedure, to increase the volume of the breast and also change its shape. An implant is inserted in front of or behind the muscle of the chest via an incision, usually in the crease below the breast, but it can be made in the armpit. CAER offers a wide range of implant types from different manufacturers, to ensure that the right implant is used to suit your body and your desired end result.

Breast asymmetry correction

Breast asymmetry correction

breast asymmetry

Most women have some degree of asymmetry, but if asymmetry is pronounced and causes distress it can be treated through surgery. The aim is to match the size and shape of the breasts, and could involve a combination of techniques: breast augmentation, fat transfer, breast reduction or breast uplift (mastopexy).

Inverted nipple correction

Inverted nipple correction


Inverted nipples are caused by shortened fibres beside the milk ducts, which prevent nipple muscle contraction projecting the nipples outward. There are varying degrees of inversion, with different treatments being appropriate. This is common problem. Nipple correction surgery is a relatively simple procedure, usually performed under local anaesthetic, and with little down-time.

Male breasts

Gynaecomastia or male breast reduction or moob reduction or manboob reduction


This increasingly popular procedure is used to reduce the appearance of breast tissue in men and make a more masculine chest contour. Excess breast tissue can result from certain medications or hormones, but often the cause for it is not found. Excess breast tissue can be removed surgically via a small incision at the edge of the nipple areola. Sometimes this is combined with liposuction. Some male breasts are fatty rather than being made of excess breast tissue (even in slim men, or, for example, fat that fails to shift after weight-loss) and in these cases can be treated using liposuction alone.

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