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Supporting your individual choices in plastic surgery in Glasgow and Ayrshire

If you would like to make a booking for a consultation, or if you have any other questions that have not been answered by the information given here, please phone or email us.

For all surgical enquiries and bookings for Margaret Strick:
  1. Margaret Strick
  2. Miss Margaret Strick MBChB FRCS

  3. BMI Ross Hall in Glasgow +44 (0)808 101 0337
  4. BMI Carrick Glen in Ayr +44 (0)808 101 0337
  5. Glasgow Nuffield Hospital 0333 355 8143:
For all non-surgical enquiries, for a phone consultation, or to book an appointment, please contact Dr Nicola Willis and Partners directly:
    1. Nicola Willis
    2. For Glasgow, Ayrshire and surrounding areas:
    3. Dr Nicola Willis MBChB FRCA
    4. Caer Aesthetics, Ebor House, 7 Bentinck Crescent, Troon
    5. Tel 07710 433362
    6. Email
    1. Pamela Cupples
    2. For Glasgow:
    3. Dr Pamela Cupples MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07946 474050
    5. Email
    1. Judith Todd
    2. For Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Inverclyde:
    3. Dr Judith Todd MBChB FRCA
    4. Synergy Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics, 200 Fenwick Road, Glasgow G46 6UE
    5. Tel 0141 237 4110
    6. Email  
    1. Laura McGarrity
    2. For Ayrshire:
    3. Dr Laura McGarrity MBChB FRCA
    4. Tel 07971515171
    5. Email  

Please note: we will never pass your contact details to others and take care to protect Data which we hold. Communicating with us using email or web form can not be guaranteed as 100% secure. Please see our legal page for more Data Protection information.