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Facial surgery

Plastic surgery procedures of the face at CAER

There are a number of Face Surgery procedures that can enhance and correct different parts of the face. CAER plastic surgery is confident to offer a range of procedures, from the popular MACS face lift, or brow lift, to eyelid and ear correction.

Our faces carry our identities and personalities; faces communicate feelings and ideas and identify us as unique. No other part of the body has as great an influence on how people perceive us.

Cosmetic face surgery is typically carried out to enhance the face by reducing the signs of ageing or to improve the appearance of the face. As people age, the skin becomes less elastic, and muscles underlying the face lose tone. The pace of modern living takes its toll and can make us appear older; with wrinkles and frown (or laugh) lines becoming more pronounced. Many people choose to have face surgery to help to restore their self-esteem.

Face surgery is also regularly carried out to change features that we may be unhappy with, or irregularities caused by a medical condition, accident, or birth defect. Prominent ears might result in teasing and lack of confidence. A person born with a large mole on her face may choose plastic surgery to have it removed. Facial surgery in its variety of forms can enhance the quality of people’s lives.


The facelift is used to treat the sagging and wrinkling of facial skin that is the normal part of ageing, and which has gone beyond management using non-surgical procedures alone. The traditional full facelift results in an incision in front of the ear, extending behind the ear and into the hairline both infront and behind the ear. The layer of muscle beneath the skin is tightened and the skin contour is smoothed.

MACS facelift

Minimal Access Cranial Suspension or MACS facelift

This relatively new surgical technique improves a sagging mid or lower face and upper jowls to achieve a fresh natural appearance. The MACS is a short scar technique with scars hidden in the upper part of the ear and the hairline. This reduces visible scarring and has quicker recovery and less swelling compared with a traditional full facelift.

Upper and lower eyelids

Upper and lower eyelids or blepharoplasty

Excess skin and fullness is removed from upper and lower eyelids. Drooping or hooded eyelids can be corrected with upper blepharoplasty, extra skin and wrinkles are also removed. Lower blepharoplasty aims to tighten the skin below the eyes and remove eyebags. Upper lids only can be very effectively treated as a walk-in procedure under local anaesthetic. Lower lids or both lids are treated in theatre under general anaesthetic.


Browlift surgery

Browlift surgery addresses the sagging and creasing of skin on the forehead which is a normal part of ageing. The skin is lifted and the brow smoothed. The eyebrows are raised as part of this process, which can result in more open-looking eyes. The conventional surgical browlift involves an incision along the natural hairline allowing the surgeon to tighten the muscles below, and then trim the excess skin.

Endoscopic browlift

Endoscopic browlift, also called “keyhole surgery”

An endoscopic browlift achieves the lifting and smoothing of the forehead through a series of small incisions along the hairline rather than a long one. An endoscope (camera) and surgical instrument are inserted through these incisions. The camera guides the surgeon’s work on the underlying muscles and tissues. This minimally invasive procedure results in quicker recovery than with a conventional browlift.

Endotine browlift

Endotine browlift

The endotine browlift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which smoothes and lifts the forehead. This is achieved by using ultra thin soft-tissue fixation devices to securely hold the lifted muscle and tissue in place. The endotines are positioned through small incisions in the hairline and adjusted to achieve the lift.

Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery or nose reshaping)

Changes to the size and shape of the nose can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the face, and nose surgery has as a result been one of the most popular procedures in the history of plastic surgery. Nasal surgery is technically demanding as it concerns structures that are important not only for appearance, but also for function.


Necklift surgery

A necklift is performed to tighten skin below the chin, and remove excess sagging skin and fatty depostis or jowls. Necklifts are best suited to patients whose neck muscles have started to slacken. A necklift may also be suitable for younger patients who may be troubled by large fatty deposits below their chins.

Platysmal band correction

Platysmal band correction or necklift

Platysmal bands are the vertical bands of muscle at the front of the neck which in some ageing patients become pronounced and appear to stand out with a deep space between them. These bands can be corrected through the tightening of the muscles at the front of the neck below the jawline. The operation will also include tightening any excess skin in the lower neck and addressing excess fat below the jawline.

Prominent ear correction

Prominent ear correction - otoplasty or pinnaplasty

Prominent ear correction (adults and children)- otoplasty, pinnaplasty, can involve reshaping or resizing of the outer ear, or the pinning of protruding ears closer to the head. Unusually for plastic surgery procedures, this is frequently performed on children. It is however perfectly feasible to have an ear correction as an adult. We frequently carry out adult pinnaplasty under local anaesthetic.

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