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Consultation Process

What to expect at your consultation

Making decisions about cosmetic surgery is difficult. It requires the collecting of information about procedures, risks and outcomes, and time to reflect about their possibilities.

CAER will help you navigate through the complexities of the cosmetic or reconstructive surgery world. That means helping you choose the procedure which is right for you, combining surgery with non surgical treatments, identifying fair prices, especially for combination treatments, advising on the best route to take, and making sure you have access to the practitioners and doctors you need.

At CAER the initial consultation aims to provide you with a sound understanding of your choices, the procedures and their risks. It also provides your surgeon with an understanding of your ideas, fears and expectations, while evaluating your fitness for surgery. Many people prefer to have more than one consultation before going ahead with surgery.

Surgery at CAER is always under the direct care of your Consultant Plastic Surgeon. For a seamless management of your care, direct referrals are made to members of the CAER Aesthetics team for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and vice versa.

Naturally, all consultations are confidential. Discretion is absolutely guaranteed as you would expect from any Doctor registered with the General Medical Council.

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Caer Plastic surgery consultations

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Consultations are a vital part of establishing a relationship with your surgeon to achieve the best possible results for you.

Consultations with Margaret Strick take place at Clinics in Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Consultations for new patients usually last around half an hour and include an appropriate medical examination as well as a detailed discussion of your ideas, expectations, surgical options and medical history.

You will come away with the necessary information to make decisions regarding your plastic surgery – and the reassurance of knowing that your surgeon has understood your unique situation.

Consultations can be booked directly with us using the CAER website enquiry form or phone line on 07849744536. You can also book via the Glasgow or Ayrshire hospital of your choice, asking for Miss Strick’s clinic.

There is a fee payable for Plastic Surgery consultations. This is £120 if booked via the website and includes repeat consultations required before and after your surgery. If booked directly with the hospital, hospital fee structure applies and is charged per consultation. 

Caer Aesthetics consultations

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

All CAER non-surgical consultations and procedures are with Doctors who are Consultant Anaesthetists; highly experienced, trusted and established.

Before any treatment, a full medical history is established to achieve the safest and best aesthetic results for you. Close working relationships between Caer Surgical and non-surgical clinicians mean that all consultations can form part of a continuum of complete care. You will have access to a unique breadth of experience during your consultation.

Caer non-surgical Consultations take place in clinics in Glasgow and Ayrshire. These can also be arranged at your home for your convenience.

Caer Aesthetics non-surgical consultations are free of charge and without obligation to continue to treatment.

Non-surgical consultations should be booked directly with your Aesthetic Doctor. Please see the contact page for details and call or email and arrange a time to be phoned at your convenience.