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Caer Plastic Surgery

Why Choose CAER?

Supporting your individual choices in plastic surgery in Glasgow and Ayrshire

Caer has earned a reputation for outstanding surgical results and the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Our patients wholeheartedly recommend CAER to others.

This is an important decision. It is essential that you choose the right surgeon to discuss your plastic surgery needs. We realise that there is a frequently bewildering array of choices available to you: surgeons, aesthetic doctors, hospitals, procedures.

This is why we believe you should choose CAER:

  1. 1CAER for restoration, rejuvenation, rehabilitation

    The Caer team of surgeon, anaesthetists, aesthetic doctors and physiotherapist will ensure that all your surgical and non-surgical needs are addressed.

    Knowing that the same close team were taking care of my surgical and non-surgical treatments made such a reassuring difference to me. AG, Glasgow

  2. 2CAER for patient-focussed, state-of the art surgery

    Feel confident in the technical skill and attention to detail of your surgeon

    This is life-changing. My only regret was not doing it when I had started thinking about it a few years ago. I am better in so many ways, not covering up, hiding. BMM, Ayrshire

  3. 3 CAER for informed choices

    We ensure you have all the information to make important health decisions: your procedures, your treatment, your body

    I knew immediately that she was the right one. She was so knowledgeable, she went through every little bit of information, she could answer every one of my questions. BM Ayrshire

  4. 4CAER for trusted non-surgical treatment

    All aesthetic treatments are performed by Aesthetic Doctors who are Consultant Anaesthetists, for safe, experienced pain management.

    I found the whole experience stress free and painless and the results were amazing. Dr. Willis was so reassuring and gentle. CR, Barbados

  5. 5 CAER for specialists you can talk to, treatment you can trust

    Our success begins with building good relationships with our patients

    I have praised Miss Strick to the heavens. Not just as a top surgeon, but in her manner, up front, very honest, she took her time and made sure I understood. AH,Ayrshire

  6. 6 CAER endorses only face-to-face consultations with your consultant

    We want you to be confident in your choices and will always offer additional free consultations if you need them

    I was impressed by her sympathetic understanding of my situation. She listened and spoke to me in ways that I could understand the surgeries I would need .... Surgery is not an easy option for anyone, however in my case it was the only one, and between both of us we agreed upon a course of action that would require numerous procedures to complete.CRR, Glasgow

  7. 7 CAER for understanding your cosmetic surgery needs as a woman

    Patients value and recommend our all-woman team

    Every single person I asked about her work gave [Miss Strick] the complete thumbs up. As a woman, her personality, her understanding of what I was going through, her caring nature were all so important to me. I wasn't just the next patient in, I was an individual person. I knew I was safe, I knew I trusted her. BM, Ayrshire

  8. 8CAER for natural results

    Patients value our philosophy of less is more

    I was amazed at how subtle the difference was after I had Wrinkle relaxing injectionsand Filler. People kept commenting on how refreshed I looked. Nobody asked me about Filler which I liked. PMcQ, Ayrshire

  9. 9CAER for quality care in excellent private hospitals

    We work with the best private hospitals in the region; our team will help you choose the right one for your treatment

    I knew what to expect at every stage of my journey. Pain management was outstanding and the standard of care and the professionalism shown by Ms Strick and hospital staff was simply superb.CR, Glasgow

  10. 10CAER for flexibility and range

    We work with the leading suppliers of implants, we can help you choose the brand that is right for you.

    It was reassuring to be able to see and feel all the types of implants and work out together which ones would work with my shape. KM, Glasgow